About us

Zagrebacki abrazivi d.o.o. is the sole manufacturer of coated abrasives in Croatia and thus is the market leader in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through our partners we are present in Austria, Italy and Canada.

The company was registered under this name in September, 2006 and is a legal successor of Zagrebacka industrija abraziva factory.

The first production line was set up in Zagreb in 1934. when the company was called ANTUN RES factory. Of course, during the years to follow the production lines were modernized following the latest technological acheivemens which ensured increased capacaties and improvements in production processes.

Our 70-year-long tradition in coated abrasives production is visible today in a wide range of products which enables us to meet all of our buyers needs. They can be used in everyday life and in the industry alike, for manual or machine sanding. They are mainly used for finishing (leveling, sanding or smoothing) of all kinds of materials (wood, metal, plastic materials, paint, varnish, leather, rubber etc.).

In addition to our main business – production of coated abrasives – we are also finishing products imported from our partners worldwide. The finishing process involves refinement and final processing of different kinds of products.
Apart from standard final products, we are able to do the finishing by request from our own or from the client’s materials within 48 hours.